Project Philippine Orphanage and Shelter

Proposed Pilot Project Orphanage

The recently formed chapter of the Knights of Rizal in Henderson Nevada, a 501-3C charitable organization, has set in place a long term project in the spirit of Christ-like love, and the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal to break the bonds of ignorance to teach locals to build sustainable and safe housing. Our project will be a long term commitment to construct cyclone and earth quake resistant safe structures for residence, education and business. The Lord has lain on our hearts to do this first for the orphans and homeless children in the provinces of Leyte, Samar and Albay in the Philippines. 

This project will cost $100,000 to cover:
Lot purchase - $15,000
2 Prototype Typhoon Proof House/Shelter - $40,000
Maintenance for the orphans, being cared for by ‘orphaned’ elderly - $20,000
Livelihood and organic farming $15,000
School expenses of kids, deserving adults $10,000


Project Orphanage Update

Greetings and blessings in His perfect love...

The recently formed chapter of the Knights of Rizal in Henderson Nevada, a 501-3C charitable organization, has set in place a long term project in the spirit of Christ-like love, and the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal to break the bonds of ignorance to teach locals to build sustainable and safe housing. Our project will be a long term commitment to construct cyclone and earth quake resistant safe structures for residence, education and business. The Lord has lain on our hearts to do this first for the orphans and homeless children in the islands of Leyte and Samar in the Philippines.

The global communities have responded very well to the crises in the Philippines. Many countries, the United Nations, and citizens of the world have responded quickly to provide immediate support with money, water, food, clothing, medicine and necessities. Thousands of US Marines and Navy personnel are directly involved in providing search and rescue missions, delivering much needed supplies to the people, and even cleaning up the roads for safe passage and setting up temporary power for electrical needs for the makeshift hospitals and surgical centers. The direct efforts of the US Militaries and the militaries of Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Great Britten, New Zealand, Thailand and Brunei have all responded with immediate crises relief. The cash donations alone from these countries already exceed what the United Nations originally projected as needed to deal with this devastation.

And this is a good thing, however as the old saying goes; "Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day... teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The intentions of the Henderson Chapter of the Knights of Rizal is to provide the life time "teaching", and it will begin with the effort to provide safe housing for the orphaned children, and to teach them to be responsible citizens of the future.

Being Christians our intentions are for the "children's community" we intend to build in Leyte Philippines that it be faith centered.

The orphanage will not be a typical dormitory style orphanage or children's home, but a community of 12 to 16 1,200 sq. ft. three bed room homes. Each house staffed with "house parents" and four children, as close to a nuclear family environment as possible.

The "community" also will include a church/chapel building, an administrative office that will have offices for counselors and teachers and class rooms. There are also plans for a community recreation center building. The community of buildings will all be constructed as energy efficient, modern, cyclone and earth quake resistant structures.

The construction of these homes, buildings and the seawall surrounding the complex will be with the unique patented Bionic Earth Blocks. These are economical interlocking bricks made from the soil are the construction site. These very environmentally safe bricks require no mortar or cement to bind them as they are form fitting similar to Lego blocks. Therefore there are no weak joints 0and the resistance to high winds and earthquakes exceed the highest standards of building codes in the USA. Another advantage is that the construction of buildings with these interlocking bricks does not require skilled masons and brick layers.

Many people are now blaming not just the reportedly 175 mph winds of the typhoon that completely devastated and destroyed much of the central Philippines cities and communities, but the flimsy construction of homes and buildings. Of course there is a lot of blame being passed on to many years of government corruption and "pork barrels" which has prevented the construction of anything better.

The Philippines historically gets slammed by an average of 20 major cyclones per year. Not to mention the occasional earthquakes and volcano eruptions. And historically thousands of lives are lost, and even more thousands of critical injuries are incurred. And sadly, historically the Philippine people gather together salvaged materials and reconstruct their homes in the same haphazard way, and await the next storms of high winds and torrent rains to damage or destroy their homes again.

Professor Tody Monsod, economics professor at the University of the Philippines made these comments: "Historically, Filipinos adapt to the climate, they get through the storms, and rebuild if they have to. But this is not sustainable in the long run." Recalling the eerie Tacloban images of a few reinforced concrete structures jutting out from a morass of twisted metal and smashed plywood, she said: "We need to invest in technological solutions like low cost housing with climate proof materials." And this is what the Henderson Chapter of the Knights of Rizal intends to provide, with the help of your donations.

Architect and builder Roberto Lilles said: "There is low cost housing that can resist the storms, but most people in those rural areas are so poor, they still can't afford them." Although private builders like the Lilles' brothers, Roberto and Antonio find low cost housing concepts unprofitable, simply because those that need the low cost housing cannot afford them, then it would stand to reason that perhaps the Philippine government should subsidize the construction of these safe and economical homes? The Philippine people cannot wait on that miracle of the government to do the sensible and responsible thing for its citizens, therefore it becomes the responsibility of the people, the churches and the local communities to assume the responsibility themselves. And after the orphanage project has been completed, perhaps a program can be put into action that will allow citizens to economically construct their own Bionic Earth Block homes.

As Albert Einstein so eloquently defined "insanity": "When a person keeps doing the same things, the same way, over and over again the same way expecting different results... is insane." So in the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal, it is our intentions to create awareness and education so that the insanity of shod and haphazard construction of homes and public buildings will end. The model homes we will build with the near indestructible Bionic Earth Blocks will first be for the orphaned children, a safe haven for them and their care takers. After the project of building the children's community of energy efficient cyclone resistant housing is completed, the technologies can be used by local builders to construct homes for those who lost their homes to the cyclone.

We would appreciate any support you could give us as we desire to set this model community for children up and offer them more than just a safe family focused environment, but more so a place where the love of Christ is randomly shared and the perfect Laws of the Father are taught and demonstrated by the adults. Where nourishment in the form of food will be a Biblical plant based diet of organic foods. This model community would be what we hope only the first of many that our chapter of the Knights of Rizal can finance and construct in the Islands of the Philippines where construction of homes and public buildings are substandard and not safe against the 20 cyclones that hit the Philippines each year and kill thousands of men, women and children.

For more information about the Henderson chapter of the Knights of Rizal, or to make tax deductible donations you may do so by visiting our web site at .

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Or you may choose to mail your donations to our Henderson post office box at: P.O. Box 778394, Henderson NV, 89077

Letter 11/12/2013

My friends and laborers of love:

For certain the world is aware of the horrific natural disaster that has occurred in the central Philippines.

Typhoon relief efforts are well under way, as chaotic as they are. As to be expected, the generosity of the United States is always first, US Marines are there to help in search and rescue and provide humanitarian assistance. The USS George Washington is expected to arrive soon with massive amounts of food, water and medicine. And the USA immediately pledged $20 million dollars in immediate financial aid.


The U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos made a global appeal for $301 million dollars to help the more than 11 million people estimated displaced by the typhoon. Already several countries, Australia, Japan and Great Britten have already committed to sending tens of millions of dollars in financial aid. In addition to the financial aid, each country is sending medical teams and humanitarian teams to Tacloban, Leyte, Samar and other regions hit by the typhoon and flooding.

All across the United States, and the rest of the world I am certain, churches, civic groups and social organization's are raising money as well as clothing, food, hygiene products and essential needs for the millions of people stripped of every worldly position they had by the ravages of this disaster of nature. Already we have received invitations to concerts, dinners and fund raising events put on by citizens to raise money for the Philippines. Every Philippine store and restaurant for certain has it's donation jars close to the cash register.

As the Henderson Nevada Chapter of the Knights of Rizal, ( the fraternal order of the brotherhood of Knights and Sisterhood of the Ladies of Rizal ) I too am calling on our members and friends to dig deep and donate as much as they can. However, being as the rest of the world will gather massive amounts of money for the cause, we will pray that the majority of that money makes It to the direct aid of the people victimized by the storm.

Historically, the Philippines gets hit with an average of 20 typhoons per year. Historically houses and infrastructures get blown down, flooded or destroyed beyond safe occupancy in each storm. And historically the people rebuild their home the same way, often with salvaged materials collected in the last storm from many houses. And come the next storm, especially a big one like Haiyan with winds stronger than any storm ever recorded, those houses roofs and perhaps the entire house becomes nothing more than litter.

Albert Einstein is quoted in defining the word "Insanity" as: "When one does things the same way, over and over, and expects different results." Obviously the good people of the Philippines in the remote villages, ports and providences are committed to insanity because they keep doing the same things when it comes to building and rebuilding homes and infrastructures.

In the spirit of Dr. Jose Rizal the Henderson Nevada Chapter of the KOR intends to end the "insanity" and to apply some critical thinking and actions to work to build homes that can withstand earth quakes, typhoons, floods and even a little hot lava. And the construction material even has a high R-value meaning the homes will be more economical to maintain comfortable room temperatures.

With over 230 thousand people homeless from the storms, the needs are urgent. And for certain millions of dollars and millions of dollars in foods and necessities' will be collected from all across the United States, Canada and the world. I only ask that everyone give responsibly to charities that are legitimate and that the vast majority of the funds collected will go directly to people in need.

Our campaign efforts are not for the immediate needs that are certain to be met internationally, but our efforts are for sustained safe housing in rebuilding the communities.

The structural material will be special patented bricks made from the soil where the construction is being done. These special bricks are suitable for road pavers for building streets and sidewalks that will not as easily get pot holes and wash out with the frequent floods and mudslides. And for structures such as homes and commercial buildings these special tonged and groove firm fitting bricks will not require masonry mortar nor the skilled talents of a mason to construct the walls. Much like Lego building blocks, they simply fit together to create a permanent bond. And these brick structures have been tested to withstand the most violent earth quake and violent winds like the Philippines is exposed to at least 20 times per year.

Our intentions are to first identify and work with an orphanage in the Leyte area to build a compound consisting of 12 foot high security sea-walls, an administration office, a chapel and a girls and a boys dormitory for the many orphaned and displaced children in that area.

Donations to the Henderson Chapter of the Knights of Rizal will be used to purchase the brick making equipment that will be shipped air cargo to Leyte Philippines and the necessary accessories required to make the bricks from the local soil.

Much in the spirit of Habitat For Humanity we will ask for volunteer workers to do the construction and train local men and women to do the work from molding bricks to actually constructing walls and floors on sound cement foundations.

The company that owns the patent on this technology and the equipment offers "dealerships" here in the USA where a person can purchase the marketing right to any state for $1,000,000.00. If possible, should donations exceed $1M there could be a possibility that after the emergency disaster work is completed, the technology and the "dealership" could be turned into a commercial venture provided jobs and home as well as commercial construction in the pragmatic areas.

Another note pertaining to structures in the Philippines. In the USA all along the sea coast from New York to Florida homes and buildings along the coast are equipped with shutters that in the event of high winds can be closed over the windows. Much of the structural damage in the Philippines even to strong structures as in the bigger churches, government buildings and malls is when the windows are blown out and wind driven rains do structural damage to the interiors of the buildings. These safety shutters would be designed into the buildings we would construct.

The Henderson Chapter of the Knights of Rizal is a registered non-profit 501-3C so all your contributions are tax deductible.

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Blessings of His unconditional love,
Non Omnis Moriar! 
Sir Dr. Thomas Stone, HD, CNHP, KOR
Chapter Commander Henderson Knights of Rizal